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Hi from Central Fife


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Hi All

Bit of a newbie when it comes to all things astro. Pretty sure I'll find everything I need right here though. Praying for clear skies so I can try out my new 100mm binos. I got a bit carried away. Kept finding better reviews for more expensive pair which has pushed me way over my intended budget (what a punter! :rolleyes:) Anyway hopefully it will encourage me to get outside and find all those wonderful sights to behold.

Clear skies


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Hi Bert and welcome to SGL . You cannot beat the combination of big bins and a dark sky. I've a pair of 11x80 mm Helios bins which give great views particularly when mounted on a sturdy tripod. Hoping you get some cloud free nights. Best regards from Lowestoft currently under far from pristine skies!


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Hi Bert and welcome to SGL, an awful lot can be covered in the night sky with something in the order of 20 or 25x100mm bins, especially if you can get to some nice dark skies. It is essential that you mount them on a good strong tripod, fitted with a suitable ALT/AZ type binocular mount, or better still a parallelogram mount that can manage the weight, as you will find them extremely difficult to hand hold, enjoy the forum :) 

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

laudropb I went bonkers and blew my whole astro budget in a oner, started off looking at the Skywatchers, then got distracted by a set of used Helois Quantum 7.1  and eventually plumped for the APM 100 ED semi apos, the slightly cheaper ones in the black aluminium casing. Completely overlooking the fact they were too heavy for my current tripod and head. So officially in the dog house this week now.

Stu1976j I can hide behind the Lomond hills and block out most of the light pollution to the South, Its useful for observing from NW to E. I used to take a run out to Crail, on the coast just south of St Andrews, for the best and closest dark site to me.



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