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Following on from my lunar shots just using  just the x30 zoom on my Panasonic camera, I thought I ought to try it on a scope! These were very quickly taken in about 15 mins using my Vixen f9 Fluorite on the Giro-WR mount. It was all a little random in terms of targeting, will be much better when I pop the same combination onto the Vixen GP.

Focusing leaves a fair amount to be desired, I need to play around with different methods when I have more time, and using the 10 second timer made it hard to just when targets were going to be in view.

Anyway, I think these might be better if I try with the 40mm TMB Paragon eyepiece, but that involves using a 2" diagonal which I could not be bothered to do at the time!

So, much room for improvement, particularly on focus, although there is a pleasing lack of CA in the images.

No comments about orientation please ;)












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Stu, very good, clearly you did not have tracking on this set up, much easier with tracking, giving time to work at getting focus close, does the panasonic have a manual focus option?

I use a Pentax optio T30 for A-focal as this has IR remote for shutter and manual focus, the holy grail for A-focal, keep at it, also shhot a movie if on tracking mount then process in pipp and registax

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Need to check on remote shutter, that would make a big difference. I was using auto focus but need to play around with manual. Agreed re tracking vs giro AltAz

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This looks promising, a WiFi app to fully control the camera, including the manual focus. Apologies for the subject matter used for my example ;) 


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    • By alberto2000
      I'm looking for a Vixen FL80(s) with a GP mount or even without. Like here http://scopeviews.co.uk/VixenFL80S.htm
      Thanks for any advice about possible clues where to get one!

    • By Stu
      I picked this up yesterday from Ed Harrison and managed a very quick first light tonight, dodging clouds all the time.
      For a relatively long scope it is lightweight and easy to handle. I popped it on my Giro-WR which, with the counterweight bar I couldn't find, will handle it easily for grab and go use.
      The Vixen is a fine looking 'proper' scope. The objective, which appears to be in a collimateable cell has that classic fluorite look to it, lovely stuff. The focuser is original, and is surprisingly good; very smooth with little or no shift. I have, however ordered a Feathertouch to go on it as I really enjoy the additional control to be had with the dual speed, and just the feel!
      So, first light? Not too much seen unfortunately, and the seeing was not much to write home about. Star images looked pretty clean and well collimated, I'll test more fully next time out. Vega's tiny secondary was pin sharp, and the Double Double split cleanly. Highlight for me tonight though was the Double Cluster. Often underwhelming from here, it had that lovely diamonds on velvet look to it, with tens of tiny stars just on the limit of visibility beautifully resolved.
      A fairly inconclusive session all in all apart from the DC, but these scopes have an excellent reputation and it's nice just having the pleasure of owning one. I'm sure it will give me plenty of enjoyable nights observing in future.
    • By Stu
      Following on from this thread Michael started....
      ....in a blatant act of plagiarism, I purchased the same dual mount adaptor and additional TS Vixen clamp for my Giro-WR. To fit the adaptor properly, I needed to add 4 spacers made from a plastic milk bottle, and it now works very well. In addition, whilst playing around with the various pieces, I replaced the lightweight shaft in the Giro-WR with a 13cm Stainless Counterweight shaft. This adds a little weight, but the result feels much better; smoother motion and I'm sure it will cope with heavier weight. I can swap back at any time so no permanent alteration has been done. 
      I also found that I could arrange it so I can add a counterweight shaft extension plus weight without removing the clamp, making the whole thing much more flexible for single and dual scope use. Very pleased, and grateful to @michael.h.f.wilkinson for the idea
      Note to self, must get a smarter looking CW, or paint this one!

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