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IC1805, a Bi-colour Heart


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Put together with a collection of Ha subs from the last couple of months of varying quality plus some OIII taken on a couple of hazy nights last week. A fairly quick process with a bit of a half-hearted attempt at rescuing the stars at the end. As ever c and c's very welcome!



Tak E130D, G3-16200, chroma 3nm filters on Avalon Linear FR.

Ha 20x 1800s

OIII 9x 1800s





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On 07/12/2016 at 08:31, swag72 said:

I like that :) The only thing I'd consider is reducing the blue halos on those bigger stars..... I find that a little eye watering..... I do love the colours though :)


23 hours ago, PatrickGilliland said:

Very nice like the colours (except the blue halo's) but a super image overall.



13 hours ago, Barry-Wilson said:

Very accomplished image Paul.

If you could just tame the blue star halos, you would have a really stunning image.


Thanks for the encouraging comments folks, looks like I'm going to have to tackle those halos with processing then (would be interesting to see how much some decent sky transparency would reduce them but it doesn't look like the weather's going to play nice any time soon!).


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