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Horsehead Nebula questions

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On 29/12/2016 at 15:48, John said:

You may well be right Yong. I'm beginning to feel that the ES H-Beta is more of a partially emasculated UHC rather than a pure H-Beta filter :icon_scratch:


Good to hear you've put this to use John! I knew in advance this was not a particularly narrow pass for a h-beta however it should at least provide more contrast than the UHC filter.  It will be interesting to compare the view of this with my Astronomik UHC filter.  Unfortunately I've not been able to get out - the few nights that it was clear over the xmas period I was stuck with a cold (typical) and now over it of course the Moon is in the way... :p   Perhaps the end of next week may provide some opportunity.

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just to add to this topic boys/gals. last night at our dark site myself,mapster, dan-k and baz bagged the HH just using a uhc filter. we all seen it that was im my dob and damians dob, using a lumicon

I have only seen the HH once and that was with a 16" Dob, Panoptic 19mm and 24mm EPs and a Hb Astronomik filter. I saw HH at Lucksall at a SGL star party. The skies at home are the same as Lucksall an

Make an attempt on the Horse Head nebula when Orion culminates. Full dark adaption and a period of hunting faint nebulae will further sharpen your senses. My recent experience at observing B33, I hadn

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Realistically, only a few more opportunities this year!!!!

@Jon . So the Lumicon and the ES didn't do the trick. What next?

Could there be a tad too much glass in the way? Plossl or basic ortho maybe? 

I'll be trying the towel over the head trick next time out.


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Typical...  I've had zero opportunities to get out and attempt this.  Either had a stinking cold when on the very odd occasion that's it's been clear and dark or anyway the weather quite frankly has been pretty abysmal for the entire winter.    Look like this may have to wait until next year. :p   On to galaxy season (once this latest cold has cleared up that is!!!)

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