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Orions Belt. Triple Gems!


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This is my third image from a few nights ago. What a perfect skyscape this is! An artist couldn't arrange a more beautiful scene...

24 X 5 min, iso 1600, 70-300 zoom at 128mm, 100D modded, UHC filter, F5.6. DSS, PS.

Orions belt with the Orion Nebula, Horsehead and Flame, Messier 78 and a small segment of Barnards Loop. 

Hope you enjoy it...

Orions Belt.png


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Great image. I think that if you add more data, you can bring out more detail in and near the HH. you already have some detail in there.

And you're absolutely right, I enjoy it.

Thanks for sharing

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Hi Baz, No, I havn't stiched images, this is just the field of view you get when you use a lens at 128mm on a DSLR. If I used a 50mm lens, it would be much wider, I could get the whole constellation and more in view.

Check out the FoV calculator in the FLO links. You can estimate the FoV according to which scope, camera or eyepiece combination you use.

3 hours ago, barrie greenwood said:

Hi I'm new to both astronomy and imaging and I'm curious as to how you fit all of Orions in both your eyepiece and images or are they a composition that's merged

Regards Baz


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