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Heart and Soul Nebulae in one Frame - WIP


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In a mere half hour or so of clear sky just after dark this evening I managed to capture 35 60s Ha subs of the Heart and Soul Nebulae, after rejecting bad frames in PixInsight Blink.  Calibrated these with the appropriate masters in BPP and simply saved the result in PNG format.  Here is the result.  No post processing no background leveling etc.  I also have more Ha data plus OIII and SII.

Heart+Soul Ha 35 60s g600 -30C.png

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Some more images.  A full Ha, OIII and SII but the SII data was poor and the resultant Hubble palette image was poor so next clear night I plan to capture more SII and hope to produce a decent image.  Finally, a bi-colour version produced using PixInsight and Photoshop.

H+S Ha 278_DBE ps.png


H+S SII 95 ps.png

Hubble Palette

Heart and Soul Hubble 2016-12-07 14-23-26 ps.png

Bi-colour image using the Ha and OIII

Heart and Soul bi-colour ps hlvg.png

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