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GT81 - Condensation inside of objective lens?

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Been doing a bit of imaging the past couple days, first time i've brought the scope back inside the house from the car in while and i'm starting to see this. 

I've left it in a dry area while im out the house to see if it settles down but just wondering if this is from bringing it from the cold outside to a warm house? It's on the inside of the objective lens which is what's making me worry. It's a WO GT81, only used it a few times now. help.




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Get some small desiccant to put inside your focuser tube when you bring it in, or you can get a dessicant holder to fit the dessicant into a holder to fit onto your scope. I use just the dessicant pad sthemselves in my refractor focusers to mop up any moisture inside the scope. I also place a pad inside the dew shield in front of the main lens and close the end up too to help clear any moisture that might form between the main lenses. Also, I keep the scopes in a cooler room that is not heated up by the central heating.



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Condensation is one of those never go away in northern Europe problems. I have even had condensation inside my SCT on the main mirror (sealed unit) which lives outside in a fibre glass obsey. Dried it out gently with a  hair dryer no further problems with dessicant. Also run a 5 volt fan in there all night which seems to have solved condensation on the metal surfaces such as pier and mount,,,,,,,Dave

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