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Partially unscrewed eyepiece cup. (BA8 10x50)


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With a certain amount of embarrassment I'm posting this in the hope that it may help somebody sometime. Following on from an earlier thread where I was struggling to use my  Williams Optics 10x50s wearing spectacles, I've made an interesting discovery, which some people might know but I didn't.

I was thinking about taking some photos of the binocular  in preparation to maybe sell them in the new year, when I noticed that the left side eye-cup had a larger gap, where it joins the eyepiece, than that on the right side eyepiece. Closer examination revealed that they simply (in a well engineered fashion) screw on. It did not feel loose but it had clearly become unscrewed. I'd guess there was about 1.5mm difference between the left and right sides. How I had not noticed this before I do not know, but I think it  has probably happened fairly recently as I have tended change focus more often and it seems possible that I have inadvertently loosened the cup in the process. But only the LH side?

I've found that eye relief on the binocular for me is somewhat marginal requiring myspectacle lens' to be pressed hard against the eyepiece, with the cup folded down, so I'm  guessing this little malady  hasn't helped my endeavours so much.  Using them now does feel a little less frustrating, though I would admit that  even now I find it distracting not being able to view the whole fov .  This despite the fact that the outer 10 or so % fov is unusable. The rest of course is very good. Chances are I will still be selling the WOs, if I can, which is something of a shame.

Again I'm guessing, but I would think that other BA8 binoculars will have the same type of eye-cup attachment, so if anybody has them it might be worth a second glance. 


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1 hour ago, spaceboy said:

I'm not familiar with WO bins but the eyecup being loose on only one side, wouldn't that be the diopter adjustment ?

No. This is screw-on eyecups.

The BA8s are IF, so there is no (or, if you prefer, two :icon_biggrin:) dioptre adjustment. CF typically has the adjustment on the right eyepiece.

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20 hours ago, SonnyE said:

I unscrewed my Belly Button once...

Me Bottom fell off. I haven't done that since.

That must have been a messy business! Glad you've got yourself together again.

20 hours ago, SonnyE said:

Welcome to the Human Race


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On 12/3/2016 at 05:54, Alfian said:

With a certain amount of embarrassment I'm posting this ...


Welcome to the Human Race. We all have our embarrassing moments.

I'm wondering if I will reach a limit some time?

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Yes, with you now.

17 hours ago, SonnyE said:

I'm wondering if I will reach a limit some time?

As Harry Callahan said "A man's got to know his limitations."  There again, unless we "push the envelope" who knows where the limit is?

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