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I have had a Skywatcher Skyliner 200p Dobs for a couple of years and am thinking about whether upgrading the mount is worthwhile. On another thread I asked about imaging and the HEQ5 came up. I can't/don't want to spend £800 so are there any cheaper mounts that would improve my enjoyment?

I've only observed visually so far, but trying photography is always in the back of my mind and have decided to get a webcam to try some planetary pictures.

For example, what would a Skywatcher EQ5 Deluxe mount allow me to do? At around £260 it is within my budget and I notice you can buy motors so there is an expansion route.

Any other mounts under £300 worth considering.




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You can pick up second hand HEQ5 mounts for between £300-400.  Failing that I would go for a second hand CG-5 mount with the 2" steel legs if you can find one.  Uses the same motors as the EQ5.  

I myself use a 200p dob OTA on a CG-5 mount with an RA tracking motor.  The Saturn image  in my avatar was taken with that exact setup (with a QHY5L-iiC  camera and Baader 2.25x barlow).

Don't forget you need to factor in the cost of tube rings and a decent dovetail bar.

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Thanks Craig.

Can you explain what the differences between the CG-5 and HEQ5 are? And what about the differences between the HEQ5 and EQ5?

Tuberings and dovetail bar? I have so much to learn :)


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This photos shows tube rings and the dovetail bar beneath, which you will need to fix your telescope tube to the mount head:


Be aware that most Dob tubes have a longer focal length than most telescope tubes originally intended to be mounted on tripods. While this certainly doesn't mean you can't do it, a problem with 200mm aperture reflectors for photography is that they can vibrate with quite slight wind and the longer the tube, the more potential for this problem.

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14 hours ago, doctortim said:

Thanks Craig.

Can you explain what the differences between the CG-5 and HEQ5 are? And what about the differences between the HEQ5 and EQ5?

Tuberings and dovetail bar? I have so much to learn :)


The Celestron CG-5 and Skywatcher EQ5 are essentially the same mount, and they're both copies of the original Vixen Great Polaris.  the main thing is that the CG-5 came with 2" steel legged tripod as standard, whereas the EQ5 came with the 1.75" version.  Doesn't sound like much but it does make a difference to the stability.  I originally bought a CG-5 head second hand and had it mounted on and EQ5 tripod that I already had initially, then I bought a 2" leg tripod second hand which was better, now I have a Berlebach Planet Ash wood tripod which is miles better still.  Still have that tired old CG-5 mount head though!  I don't have goto or even dual motors, just a cheap RA tracking motor which I got for £49 in a clearance sale IIRC 

the HEQ5 is a step up from both the EQ5 and CG-5 in terms of carrying capacity, stability and functionality.  If you decided you want to get into deep sky imaging at some point in the future the HEQ5 would be a good mount to start with. If you could get hold of a second hand HEQ5 within your budget that would be your best choice.

You'd need the 235mm tube rings which are about £40 I think, and a good dovetail bar from William optics or ADM or the like so budget another £40 for that at least.  It's a big heavy tube so you really don't want to skimp on the dovetail bar!

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      Anyone have any idea where I can get a replacement counterweight bar/shaft for my EQ5 mount? 
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      Is anyone here controlling a Vixen SP2 (SB One) with an external computer for GoTo, etc. (for AP use)?  Is it even possible?  I have been unable to find any references to it. I see Vixen mounts suggested as fine, but expensive mounts and references to SB Ten providing GoTo capabilities but nothing to suggest it’s doable with the “simpler” version. 

      I’m  looking for my first solid mount to do photography with a 70-80mm refractor. Starting with a mirrorless APC camera and eventually a cooled mono camera. I’ve been considering mounts I can move in and outdoors relatively easily. This mount and the HEQ-5 are the two I’m looking at most seriously at this time. The local market (western Canada) for used mounts seems to have dried up during recent times, so new is what I’m looking at. (Vixen because of their “it’s already fiddled and should just work” reputation and the HEQ-5 because it’s well known with fixes and mods well defined. (It’s also more affordable by a fair margin here.)
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      For sale is my beloved but now superfluous to requirements HEQ5 Pro for £650
      It's in a used condition as you would imagine. I've had it for about 4 years and found great success with this mount. Ideal for those beginning astrophotography and also good for visual users.
      I'm calling it "deluxe" due to the upgrades I've had done.
      - It's belt modified
      - It's had brand new bearings and grease
      - The backlash has been expertly setup 
      - It has the latest polar scope
      - The power port has been replaced with an aviation style port which is a lot more secure
      It'll come with the hand controller and at least 1 counterweight (if I can find the second it'll come with both). The polar scope cover has been lost. The counterweight is rusty as always. There is some marring on the counterweight bar housing as shown in the photos.
      It also will come with the modified power cable required also.
      Note: the power LED sometimes doesn't illuminate but the mount is still powered (please see the photo with the hand controller).
      Collection or local delivery within Northampton

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      I’ve been using my 8’ Edge HD on an Evolution mount for a couple of years now and I added a wedge to it a few months back. Using SkyPortal with StarSense I’ve never really had any major issues getting it aligned. 
      Last night I was setting up to photograph Mars and went through my normal procedure. StarSense took its images but, after confirming success with the third plate, instead of just winding up a bit and parking it proceeded to pitch the ota towards the north well below the horizon.
      Fortunately nothing snagged. I skipped the ASPA and instructed it to goto Mars and was surprised to find it was spot on (better than usual actually).
      Anyone any ideas why it took that nose dive? Thanks.

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      Hello Everyone, 
      This is my first post on this forum (although I've lurked in the shadows for a while). So I thought I'd share some of the modifications that I've had done to the new Mesu MkII I received last week in case someone can benefit. Sadly I haven't tried it imaging yet only balanced, slewed it around and read the Sitech documentation to make sure everything is functioning.  The day it arrived we plunged into sub-zero temps and snow 😫. 
      The mods include an extended wedge for some limited imaging past the meridian, and an angled counterweight bar for clearance in the tight space.  Some have commented in other posts on the long Mesu CW bar but its necessary to balance the weight of the head (unloaded) and to accommodate counterweights for the significant payload. Once tested I'll be loading this bad-boy with a number of different focal length scopes as changing equipment at 25C below is not fun. I lasted one winter doing this and the automated ESO (Exceedingly Small Observatory) was born.
      Has anybody with this mount installed homing switches? The Sitech1 controller has an aux port for this purpose. For me this would be for integration into the ROR control system to prevent an expensive mistake.  Eventually the goal will be to monitor for inclement weather and shut down the system safely or automate parking and calibration frames at the end of a normal session. This is a work in progress as I only completed the ROR roof upgrades this summer. 
      PS That flats panel needs moving. It was ok with the old mount but every inch counts now! 

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