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Coma corrector tilt. MPCC.

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I have a Baader MPCC and I am wondering how I can attach it to my moonlite focuser securely. I tried it out last night and it was fine for a while, but a meridian flip later and it sagged as it is only held in by the 3 screwed compression ring. What other connection mechanisms are available to me?



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I use a Baader clicklock with an MPCC and it's very secure. However, I also have a Moonlite on another scope and I can't see any way of attaching a clicklock to it as the draw tube is not threaded.

When I tried the MPCC in my Moonlite, I noticed the most secure position wasn't necessarily with the MPCC pushed all the way in. Try lining up the groove on the MPCC body with the compression ring in the Moonlite, I found it very secure that way but it may look like the MPCC is not fully home by a few mm.

Also, with the clicklock I see some tilt in my images as coma in top corners only, but none with the Moonlite! Go figure.

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Thanks Jon. My moonlite also seems to have no threads, so maybe it is that I have to try something fancy or just try and get as secure as I can with the compression ring. Doesn't sound terribly secure though. I'll drop a note to FLO to see what they can suggest. Thanks again guys.

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