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Hi i am a single mum of 4yr old twins, i am a newbie as ive only just signed up 2 mins ago, I am really keen to get my girls intrested in space and sloar activities and stargazing etc and ive heard that there is a place in the east of England that has minimum light pollution, there is supposed to be a map but I cannot find It anywhere! !!!! DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW I CAN GET HOLD OF THIS MAP? if not has anyone heard of this or do you know anywhere I can take the girls that would be beneficial to me/them to start to teach them and show them how spectacular the stars can be at night without all the lights of a city or seaside, i wouls prefer to take them camping there but if it isnt possible then so be it! Any links or suggestions would be greatly appreciated by us all, hope ro be getting out there and showing twinnies there is much more than our planet out there!!!! we will post pics of our adventures! ;D THANK YOU all in advance, 



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Welcome to the forum, the three of you.

It's a fantastic idea to get the youngsters interested in astronomy and you'll know your girls better than anyone, but at four years old I imagine you will have to take it slowly. A truly dark site will be wonderful but may be a bit overwhelming and make it difficult to see the wood for the trees, so to speak. Might be better with a site that allows you to see only the major constellations clearly then you can point them out and name them (maybe with some of the myths and stories, too). ??

The main thing is that you must all have fun. Let us know how you get on.

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Hello and a warm welcome to the SGL.

I agree with Floater, a truly dark sky may be a bit overwhelming at first. There will be so many stars visible it can be difficult to pick out the constellations. Perhaps it would be better to start off from a spot away from street lights in your local area. Then the major winter constellations should be obvious. Have you downloaded any apps ?. Stellarium is well recommended on this site. You can load in your location and it will show you what is visible on and given night. It is also free to use. Once you have done this then a visit to truly dark skies will be amazing.

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Floater and laudropb made me think, My mother lived in Caister-on-sea and the sky from the beach there was great for naked eye observing.

There is a car park at the end of Braddock road which is a good spot but I would recommend having someone else (Adult) with you too for personal safety.

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