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Mark at Beaufort

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The observing conditions in the UK have not been the best of late so when clear skies arrive you must go for it.

Earlier in 2016 I started to observe objects from Steve O'Meara's 'The Secret Deep' so last night I started with objects between 1hr and 3hr RA. A few days ago I bought a 13mm Ethos - had one before but regretted selling it.

Was not able to start observing until after 10pm and the 12" Dob was thick with frost when I started.

First object was NGC488 a galaxy in Pisces and whilst slightly in the area had a look at M74. Down to NGC936 in Cetus and again nearby M77 and also NGC1055. Over to Eridanus to observe NGC1084.

With Cassiopeia and Perseus almost overhead took in some clusters  which are also contained in the Secret Deep. In Cassiopeia NGC654, NGC663 and 659 and with my 15x70 Apollo binos took in Stock 2, Double Cluster and Cr463. In Perseus viewed the cluster NGC1245. Whilst with the binos viewed M33 and M31. Finally in Andromeda had to look at NGC891 which is one of my favourites - certainly the 12" Dob and 13mm Ethos gave me a great view.


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