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Aurora flare up from Iceland

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Hi there

I m on holiday in Iceland mainly for Aurora but there is no shortage of photographic day shots. 

After an extra nights unexpected stay I went out into a snow blizzard as I hoped there would be some gaps in the cloud. 

It was a long three hour wait but I was rewarded with a superb 5-10 minute display. Here is a 6s, Iso 10000, f/2.8 shot from Pingvellir park. 

I ll post a video of the stills I was taking when I get back. This is about number 55/70 in the sequence. 

Thanks Tom. 



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28 minutes ago, Mr Spock said:

Just lovely. UMa gives it scale too.


This was a full frame camera and 14mm lens so I caught a large part of the sky   Ursa Major / Minor look tiny in this framing  

Thanks everyone. This was phenomenal veiwing. I got lucky in the sense that I had taken a few images and figured that it looked like it would flare up. So I decided to switch to non RAW high res jpegs to make a short video from. That also meant that I could sit back and watch the show. What this image and the video doesn't show is the large arc that was overhead at the time. It felt like the sky was falling on my head. 

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2 hours ago, symesie04 said:

Lovely shot Tom. How is it over there at this time of year, i was under the impression a lot of the island gets put on off limits during the winter months for safety.


The ring road 1 is in good condition, not icy at all. I took it all the way to Hofn. The ice caving was actually cancelled due to flooding due to the warm weather.

Once you go off the main 1 road though it changes. There was a heavy snow fall on Monday night so the secondary roads are icy. Not too bad with the winter tryes bt the car was doing little fish tails on a trip I tried yesterday. I turned back just in case.

I don't think the real winter has hit yet so of you re planning on heading there, you should do it soon. I think the ring road remains open all year. Not 100% on that though. Hire a 4x4 just in case :)


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14 hours ago, Mick J said:

Lovely Aurora and setting, Pingvellir not to far from Reykjavik, are you staying near Pingvellir or driving up there ?   looking forward to the video and a few more of these, thanks.

Thanks everyone. The video is up by the way, just as another post


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