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EP sale - withdrawn from sale

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Going through all my EP's which I need to whittle down, so I am selling the following EP's, all of which are in very good condition, if not mint;

Celestron Omni 6mm plossl - £10 + p&p

Celestron Omni 12mm plossl - £10 + p&p

Skywatcher SP 17mm plossl - £10 + p&p

Explore Scientific plossl 10mm 70 degree - £28 + p&p (sold)

TMB Planetary 2 4.5mm - £22 + p&p

Explore Scientfic 2" 25mm 70 degree - £40 +p&p

All owned from new, with end caps and original boxes (except the 2" ES 25mm EP which I can't find the box it came in sorry). Can collect if local, or will post in the UK with signed for 2nd class which adds £3.95 postage for each individual EP.

Thanks for looking,








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9 minutes ago, mikeyj1 said:

Pm sent

Replied. :) 

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All other EP's in sale withdrawn from sale

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    • By Powdergnome86
      Hey guys,
      I am buying my "first" telescope in the near future (SW 150/750pds), although it's not available in my area till March. In the mean time I found a local, secondhand Orion 102 Mak. 
      After starting with 15x70 binoculars, with its stock 25mm plossl has made me go wow and I'll never forget seeing Saturn's rings for the first time. Now I'm thinking I'd like to start getting another EP.
      I am leaning towards either:
      ES 24mm 68°
      Baader 8-24 mk iv
      These help max out the range of the 102, and please feel free to leave opinions, but I'm hoping they can both be good on the 150 in the future. 
      The Baader is more versatile, but the ES gives me a good wide field, with more power then the binoculars.
    • By LCG
      Hi  Looking to add a good quality low mag EP to my collection.  Was thinking somewhere 28mm and above, can take 1.25 or 2" and as wide a FoV I can get.  Thinking in the Williams, Explore Scientific, Baader, TeleV... range or other good quality without having to sell a kidney to buy...
    • By LCG
      Hi everyone!
      Like a lot of new amateurs I am completely overwhelmed with the choice of eyepieces.  
      I have a Sky Watcher 250P Classic on a dob for visual astronomy.  I have recently purchased the Hyperion IV 8-24mm zoom (with 2.25 Barlow) as my general roaming around EP.  Now potentially looking for a high powered EP with large FoV to get those detailed views of planets and DSOs - the question is which should I buy?  I was thinking something in the 2.5-6mm range and happy to go up to say £250 price point for the right EP.
      So, what is the wisdom?  A 6mm and Barlow, or some where between 2.5 (pushing the scope) and 5mm without Barlow?
    • By Lee_P
      *£1300 including recorded delivery to the UK; or £1250 if you can collect from central Bristol.*
      Hi all, I’m looking to sell my ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool plus accessories as a bundle. I’ve had a great time with this camera, but now have a baby daughter that is leaving me zero time for astro imaging! So I’m parking the hobby for a few years… but I’ll be back!
      A lot’s been written about how good this camera is so I won’t reiterate all that, except to say that I’ve had a lot of success coupling it to my ED-80 ‘scope and HEQ5 mount. I image from central Bristol and the light pollution is horrendous, but this camera and the narrowband filters bypass that problem rather neatly. Here are photos I’ve taken with the camera:

      The core kit I have is basically this: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-cameras/zwo-asi1600mm-pro-usb-3-mono-camera-efw8-125-lrgb-filters-125-ha-sii-oiii-filters-bundle.html
      Note the link is for the “Pro” version, which is slightly different to my one in two ways. One, the Pro has an in-built heater for the sensor. I bought one separately for mine, which of course I’ll include. (https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-accessories/zwo-anti-dew-heater-strip-for-asi-cooled-cameras.html). Two, the Pro has a larger memory buffer, but I never found the lack of this to be an issue with my usage.
      Also included is a slightly different version of this holder ring.
      And an adapter so you can attach Nikon F lenses.
      And this very useful cable!
      I've taken plenty of photos so you can see exactly what you'd get. First, here's the back of the camera:

      And the front, showing the sensor and heater:

      This is one side of the Electronic Focus Wheel. All seven filters are mounted:

      And the other side:

      Here's the Nikon lens adapter:

      And the camera holder:

      These are the cables it comes with. On the left we have the Lynx Astro cable, with a dual-tip; one for the camera, the other for the heater. Then we have the EFW cable, and blue cable for camera to computer -- both of which are originals. The blue cable is annoyingly short, so I'll throw in a longer one too.

      Here's the EFW box and included accessories:

      And finally, the camera box and included accessories:

      Approx. price breakdown if bought new:
      Camera and filters bundle: £1716
      Holder ring: £49
      Nikon lens adapter: £45
      Lynx Astro Silicone Power Cable: £19
      Total: £1829
      I’m asking for £1300 including recorded delivery to the UK; or £1250 if you can collect from central Bristol. Payment via PayPal or bank transfer. If it doesn't sell after a few weeks then I'll consider offers or splitting the kit.
    • By Ross6392
      Hello everyone,
      I am relatively new to astonormy. I have a celestron Astro master 130eq with a focal length of 650mm. I have been able to enjoying viewing some of the planets and star clusters so far. I was considering purchasing one of the celestron x-cel LX eye pieces for getting an enhanced view of the planets such as Jupiter and Saturn Has anyone used these eyepieces and if so what would you recommend? Any help would be much appreciated.
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