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Good Barlow for Ethos, Delos in APO and SCT scopes?

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I am looking for a really good Barlow, that doesn't compromise the performance even of the greatest EP's. Speaking of good EP, I already have a 3.5mm Delos - "Barlowing it" puts any scope on its edge anyway.

I intend to use it on my 90/600 APO and possibly a c11 in the not-so-far future.

Any recommendations, which one to take?

Right now, I am looking at the Powermate 2x. I see, it's a corrected optics, but is it also APOchromatic?

Other, quite exotic piece I found and seems interesting, is the Baader Fluorit Flatfield Converter. Latter seems interesting for planetary photography too.

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I'd suggest that you start using the EPs you have to begin with.

3.5mm Delos will be too high magnification for a f10/f11 SCT 99% of time, you can at most checking SCT collimation or very few doubles under great seeings with it; and for your 90/600 APO, it is quite close to the max magnification you can get under good seeings without much floaters in your eye become distracting.

If 3.5mm Delos delivers very often good steady planetary views in your APO, then you might consider a barlow or powermate.

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It's unlikely you can find better than the Powermates. You may find something as good, but I would doubt that it would be better.

And if you're pairing the Powermate with TeleVue eyepieces you have a harmonious match. ?

Edit: But as YKSE points out Barlowing a 3.5mm EP will be over the top. ?

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I've used Powermates with my Ethos eyepieces. They produce the equivilent of the shorter length but don't add any other side effects apart from their weight.

I've also used an Antares 1.6x 2" barlow and a Meade 2" 2x Telextender in the same role. The results were good but the Powermate is the best solution that I have used.

There are a couple of other top end focal extender options including the Astro Physics Barcon and something from Zeiss (I think) but these are hard to find and I've not used them.

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Hello, the powermate is the way to go. Not the cheapest power enhancer on the market but IMO probably the best. The powermate are designed to add nothing to the view but magnification. So the powermate  would be my recommendation 

In regards your question. I get the feeling that you are magnification hungry. To powermate a 3.5 delos IMO is over the top. This means you will have a eyepiece equivalent to a 1.75 delos?. That's way to much for most situations and atmospheric conditions. If you go to high a magnification all you will end up with is an enlarged image ,but a very poor quality image probably very blurry, with little detail. You are better off keeping to a sensible magnification and even though the image may be smaller in the eyepiece,you will get a lot more detail of your subject and see a lot more overall 

Do not make the mistake of thinking magnification will show you more , it can show you a lot less ,with less detail. Keep to a sensible magnification and you will get a crisper sharper view. The best magnification is the one that shows you the most detail and not the highest one you can achieve.   

I hope this helps☺

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Thanks for everybody! The reason I asked was the ~20% Tele Vue deal (ends today) at two german stores, I ordered the 2x powermate then alongside a 10mm Ethos. This way even if 1.75mm is useless, I have 3.5mm (171x), 10mm (60x) and powermated 5mm (120x). Adding the powermate was way cheaper than adding even a delos...

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