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I am new to astronomy. I am looking for an iphone app that will tell me where to look for planets, stars etc. 

What is the best free and paid for apps to use? From research here, Stellarium is a paid for app that people seem to recommending is there any others? 

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I'm another sky safari fan as well. Not only is it an excellent planetarium app but also with the addition of either "sky wire" or "skyfi" you can use it to control a goto mount. I find it is a much more user friendly interface than my HEQ5s Synscan handset :icon_biggrin:


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I've amassed many iPhone apps!

Clear Outside - free stargazing weather

Scope Nights - free stargazing weather (with in app purchases for extra features)

Xasteria - free stargazing weather (includes 'seeing' forecasts too)


Stellarium - Free star map app (matches up nicely with my Stellarium on the PC)

Starwalk - I have the V1 version.  I think I paid for it.  I downloaded V2 but didn't get on with it - it keeps asking for more money to unlock features.


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1 hour ago, mikey2000 said:

Just to add, I haven't heard of Sky Safari before.  I'm getting an skywatcher EQ3 Synscan mount soon - would the app allow me to control the mount via iphone?  That sounds great (+ maybe need to buy a connector kit though)

If the mount is goto then I think you should be able to using a Skywire cable. If you want wifi you need the skyfi unit. Make sure you check first though

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Sky Portal

It's free and latest version based on an earlier version of Sky Safari (v4 I think)

It is for use with a wifi device you can plug into Celestron mounts. But can be used stand alone

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