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Next total solar eclipse(s) in Europe

Martin Meredith

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I was toying with going to the States to see the total eclipse next year but having more or less decided against it decided to look at where the nearest total eclipses are in the next decade or so...

And I was shocked to discover that not only is the next total solar eclipse in Europe in Spain but it is visible from my house! How lucky is that?! You'll have to wait until 12th August 2026 though. It is a sunset eclipse, with totality around 8.27pm. August is usually clear over here. So, all over to mine for an eclipse party!

But amazingly enough, there is another total eclipse visible from Spain the following year, this time in the south (passing over the Cadiz region where I sometimes go to observe), during the mid-morning of August 2nd 2027. This is one of the sunniest regions in Europe....

And... an annular eclipse the following year on 26th January 2028 (the red line). Then that's it for another 30 years or more and I doubt I'll be around for those. 

The last total eclipse (non-annular) visible in Spain was in 1905, so the fact that 2 + an annular come along in 3 consecutive years is .. well, I was going to say coincidence, but I suspect it isn't (I don't know enough about the solar/saros cycles to say).

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 18.32.39.png

(maps from this site)


PS I realise this comes across a bit Fast Show "which was nice" ;-) but hey it will be!


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Thanks for the post Meredith. My thoughts are exactly the same. No doubt that next year is 'The Big One' and certainly comparable to the 1999 eclipse which was my only experience of totality (albeit clouded out in Cornwall). There's a great article here comparing the 1999 and 2017 eclipses as record breakers. I don't think I'll make it to the States either and I too have had my eye on 2026 for my first proper view of a total solar eclipse. These events are so far and few between near any one given location and unless you're an eclipse chaser with lots of time and money, you have to take the plunge to tick off that item on the bucket list!

..the fast show... They don't make em like that anymore :icon_biggrin:

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I also saw the 1999 one but in that case from Bulgaria. I haven't seen one since though. These things are worth savouring in advance... (I had the 1999 one in my mental diary for at least 15 years).

The 2027 one in the south of Spain is going to have over 6 minutes of totality at the centre line (which passes south of the mainland), but around 4 mins 30 in the Tarifa area (home to the second highest sand dune system in the world, or Europe, I forget -- now that will be some party!). The best place to see it may well be from one of the whale-watching boats in the Straits of Gibraltar.


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