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Walking on the Moon

Pleiades and California widefield with DSLR and 50mm 1.8 lens

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3 hours ago, mikey2000 said:

Very nice!  If I took 5 mins at ISO1600 F4.5, I'd just get a overexposed orange much where I live.


What is a UHC filter (newbie question!)

Hi Mikey,

A UHC is a Ultra High Contrast filter. Its used to bring out nebulosity in nebula and to give clearer, more contrasty views and images of things like the Orion nebula. It also cuts a lot of light pollution out, so it enables longer subs to be taken without washing out the image. You can also get Light pollution filters that reduce its affects and also allow you to take longer subs.

If you start guiding and going for longer exposures, you will need one or two filters, and they are not cheap!

Welcome to the world of astrophotography, where nothing is cheap and there is always better (and more expensive) stuff to get. Prepare for a poor paupers life... :icon_biggrin:

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Before plunking down any £££'s for any UHC-filters, I'd suggest learning a good deal more about them - there are quite a few manufacturer's of them, with differing amounts of bandwidths. This will help you decide which one(s) would be best for your purposes (visual, photo, etc.). And, of course, a more experienced filter-user - which there are around here - can be of assistance in such.

They can be addictive, and expensive!

Dave (who stopped counting at 40)

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