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Old timer

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Hi Dave and welcome to SGL - This is a great place to be, full of helpful and friendly folks. I'm sure there's some local astro societies near you too should you want to touch base with 'real' people :)

Look forward to seeing you around :)

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Welcome to the forum and the hobby. Have fun with both. ?

I see from another post that you are already researching which scope to get - so you're already on the learning curve. The advice will be second to none ... but be aware, there may be a lot of it! ?

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3 hours ago, Old timer said:

hello from rural Norfolk in the UK. live out in the countryside where it is fairly dark most of the time so hoping to see some exciting things.



Hi Dave,

Welcome to SGL. I recently moved to South Norfolk and the skjes are great, compared with what I had in suburban Surrey, especially when there's no cloud or moon, e.g. last night was pretty good and tonight promises to be even better. Damn, I'll probably get shot by the sky police for saying that.... ;-)

Cheers, Geof

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Should manage a fair bit in rural Norfolk. You are well away from the illumination of the castle in Norwich I assume. :D

Bit "surprised" at the name I thought that SGL had a user called "Old Timer", a very very far distant memory hints at it, but it may have been a different forum and subject.

Anyone else able to help me out here? Are names case dependant ??

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