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Please help me

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Hey everyone,

I bought a second-hand telescope and i wanted to know if I can see anything with those parts,

and how do I assembly it or do I miss some parts?

posted some picture's hope someone can help me.








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Hi Alex,

You appear to be missing a diagonal. Would go into the chrome end of the telescope in your first image. I've circled it in red in the rather blurry image! below.Diagonal.png

This is what you would put your eyepieces into, seen in your second and final image. It's possible but unlikely that you could get the telescope to focus without the diagonal, by simply putting them into the chrome end of the telescope. As you can imagine, even if you did manage to do this it would make viewing difficult, as most of the time we want to look at things directly above us - this is why the diagonal putting the eyepiece at a right angle to the telescope makes things easier :)

I don't know what the particular telescope is that you have there, but I'm sure that someone with more knowledge than me will be along to give you some guidance on the size diagonal you need - typically it would be a 1.25 inch or 2 inch, but some older/ more budget designs us a 0.965 inch fitting I believe.

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Hi Alex and welcome to SGL :)

This scope has been discussed before - have a read of this thread from a few years ago:

Also you can see a few reviews of it here:


It's not the best but you may be able to get a very basic introduction to the hobby with it - but you will need a diagonal as indicated by Oortrageous above - look in the box/packaging and see if you've missed it somewhere. For a better intro to the hobby pop down to your local astronomy society on an observing night and you'll soon see the difference between typical working instruments and the one you purchased. Hth :)


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Looks like you need a diagonal, unless that is in amongst the assorted bits. I have about 3 somewhere but not one is in a scope, they are often taken out and seem to drift from place to place and appear at times.

Check the eyepiece diameter - the lower end is the relevant measurement. It "should" be 1.25" or about 32mm diameter. If it is then no problems. If it is about 25mm diameter then you have an old style fitting and getting additional eyepiece will be limited. The alternative is a hybrid diagonal that fits in the scope focuser - it being 25mm, then the other end/side is 1.25/32 diameter. Not easy to explain easily.

Basically they used to make eyepieces that had a fitting diameter of about 25mm, then the 1.25" became the standard (32mm) and still is. If the scope is the older option then to use the more common eyepiece you need the hybrid diagonal - it acts as a converter.

Next, and my opinion as it is up to you, but I suggest forgetting the barlow and the erecting eyepiece. They complicate things and are likely not the best of items - keep it simple.

Also use only the 20mm eyepiece for now. High power sounds good, but it rarely is good.

At 50/500 the scope should be reasonable, just do not expect hubble views - nobody gets hubble views. That includes people up mountains in the Canary Islands and people up the Andes in Chile. And they have bigger scopes then anyone else have.

When itr is up and running, then pick sensible targets, double stars are good - Almaak, Albireo, Mizar. Open clusters 3 of those in Auriga should be easy, double cluster in Perseus. You have the Orion Nebula and for the heck of it have a look at Betelgeuese - only a star but a nice red one.

If the scope is a 0.965" (25mm) fitting then come back and say so. That way people can recommend an item before you buy something unsuitable. Any Astro shops near you ?

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23 minutes ago, Alex13 said:

Thanks Guys for helping me but i'm probably going to buy a new one.


Not that there is much wrong with the one you bought really. OK, the 50mm aperture (lens) on it is a bit small for much astronomical use. It does need a star diagonal fo make it work. Probably not really worth pumping much (if any) cash into. You would be best off investing in a new scope.

May i ask how much you paid for it?.

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On ‎03‎/‎12‎/‎2016 at 10:27, Alex13 said:

I bought it for 6 euro's haha.


It's going to cost you a lot more than 6 Euro's ;)

New telescope & books & more eyepieces & bigger telescope & sturdier mount & etc etc....

Welcome to the club :D


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