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Please help me calibration HEQ5 Pro ?

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Hi friends. I is new starter with telescope. I don't understand cablibration HEQ5 Pro. I don't find video guide it on internet and youtube. Please guide me step by step. :(

I have manual  as this picture:


What's FOV ?


Thanks for all.

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The circles are for the Northern Hemisphere, with yearrings in it as can be seen in the insert with the year numbers.
The circles are devided like a clock work from 0 to 12. Be sure the 12 o'clock point is the highest point, so the 9 to 3 o'clock line is horizontal. Maybe there is a bubble level on your polarscope? That would help.
Now look at your handbox and find the position of Polaris for your position, date and time.
Use your Azimuth and altitude (latitude) settings to get Polaris in the exact same place in your reticle as it is on the handbox or a polar scope align app on your iphone or other smartphone (very handy)
Do this as accurate as possible.... Done!

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