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FOV of stock EPs

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Is there any way to find out what they are?  I'm guessing that they will be on the low end, but do they differ greatly from each telescope model/maker?

I'm trying to work out how much of the sky I'm actually seeing through my stock 10mm and 25mm EPs :)

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the apparent field of most standard eyepieces is give or take 50 degrees. 

in your scope (650mm focal length?) this gives :

10mm = 650 / 10 = 65x then 50 / 65 = 0.77 degrees of true field (i.e. the amount of sky you see with the scope / eyepiece combo)

25mm = 650 / 25 = 26x then 50 / 26 = 1.92 degrees true field

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First one is the easier to read:

http://www.billsastro.com/Astronomy/Equipment/Eyepiece Folder/eyepiece_design.htm



Second one takes a bit more digging out of the values. I throughly expect some to differ between the 2.

Thought I had another more as a big sheet/poster of eyepieces

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