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iris nebula data


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It's not as simple as saying, 'bin or don't bin' irrespective of the scope and camera. Firstly it depends on your unbinned pixel scale. Your 120/Atik 314 runs unbinned at 1.48"PP by my reckoning. (No reducer.) That would take you to just under 3"PP binned. Anything up to about 3.5 or so will give acceptable stars so I doubt there is much of a price to pay. It also depends on the target for me. If I'm capturing an object plus a starfield, or just a starry image, I want the best possible stars so I wouldn't bin at all. In the Iris region it is all dust so this doesn't apply.

On the other hand if you shoot unbinned RGB you can extract a synthetic lum from it and add this to the real lum. (This is sometimes called Superluminance.) It could help keep the noise down in the dusty regions.

Well that was a BIG help, eh??? :BangHead:


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