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New mount required


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I have C9.25 on a AVX mount which I am using very successfully for viewing.

I would now like to start autoguiding and some imaging and know the AVX will not handle the extra weight.

I have been look at the Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro, AZ EQ6-GT & CGEM DX.

The NEQ6 Pro appeals a lot to me due to being 400+ cheaper than the others and would leave money over to purchase a nice tiplet to mount on the AVX in the very near future.

Looking at the spec of the NEQ6 I'm sure it would handle the load but would you spend more on one of the other two mounts and if so why

Look forward to hearing your views 


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I got the AZ-EQ6 GT and it works a charm. Got up to 8 minute unguided subs out of it with minimal trailing (or equally bad in all directions). Polar alignment is super easy as compared to the bendy bolts on SW EQ mounts. Goto is spot on when using a short fl eyepiece with a barlow during alignment.

Yesterday I got my guiding working (I think). Used lin_guider with ASI120MM. Also seems to work without any troubles. But due to cloud, I haven't been able to do any imaging with it yet.

I can really recommend the mount. The extra ££ are well worth it, imo.

If you go for the EQ6, you could combine it with an EQ6 wedge, for easier polar alignment. But that would put the price tag close to an AZ-EQ6.




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