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Star sense guiding

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i am tryng star sense for guiding sct. I wonder is star sense align not need polar align.

mine is advanced vx. I did just heading to Polaris roughly and align use star sense.

it look track well for eye seeing. But stars drift little amount as time goes on.

should I need guide scope and notebook for 1~5 min exposure?

thanks for advance...


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At 06:20 this morning, having spotted the opportunity (after three weeks of incessant cloud), I carried my (assembled) Evolution 8 + Starsense from my conservatory into my garden. I selected 'connect & align' on my tablet and proceeded to boot up my Laptop. By the time I had assembled my camera and cables, Starsense had completed alignment and plonked Jupiter smack in the centre of my EP. I grabbed a minute of video, and by the time the rising sun obliterated the view, I had it stacked, part processed, and my equipment back in doors. The time was 07:03, the entire process taking 43 minutes.  I had to be fast as I was being picked up at 07:15 to travel 150 miles to an away football match. That is the beauty of Starsense. 

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