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Brian Cox live


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As it was my birthday last week I had tickets for this sprung on me this evening and it was bloody marvellous. 

Part public lecture, part comedy with Robin Ince, part 'in conversation' and lots of eye candy on a huge screen. 

Quite a splendid birthday pressie. 

Theres dates left, go if not sold out. 

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I saw him in York and was largely underwhelmed. The first half was good and accessible to all, the second half was difficult for most in the audience to access and many of the audience members too the second half as an opportunity to have a few winks. I have a physics degree so could follow along however my other half was lost in the second half and I ended up having to explain it all again in the car journey home.


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I thought it was mainly good - I don't know about York but the second half in Plymouth was mainly Q&A with some good questions asked then he expanded (pun intended) on the inflation stuff he covered briefly in the first half, yes it was more in depth but still not like a 1970's OU video.

I don't have a physics degree but have a huge interest in the field, I've read a considerable amount of both 'popular' science and more scholarly materials to feed that interest and one of the most enjoyable parts of the evening for me was hearing the 'aha' moments during the interval. Nice to see other enquiring minds, well, enquiring.

My brother bought the tickets and took me but isn't as curious about it all as I am and I certainly had to do some explaining on the way home but to be fair I enjoyed that too, nice to have him asking me rather than nodding off when I get the verbal diarrhoea like usual.

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