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does anyone use 'Skywire' via Skysafari to control a Celestron Evolution with the starsence accessory fitted?

My queries are these: What is the maximum cable length that can be used and are there any suppliers?

and does Skysafari recognise the starsence accessory for initial Goto alignment ?


Thanks people



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I don't, as Skywire will only work with an I-Device and I instead  use an Android device with my Evolution with Starsense. But via Skywire, I suspect that SkySafari  5 Plus (£10.99) or Pro (£19.99) should handle Evolution GoTo just fine. 

But I am curious. Why require Skywire to tablet/phone when the Evolution has built in WiFi? Are you having WiFi problems? Is a Skywire solution hence a last resort?

If yes, don't assume such issues with the Evolution  are due to "WiFi Clutter" (which is the popular belief). I had six months of poor WiFi connectivity until I updated my Evolution's  firmware, and also found and disabled a nuisance (hidden) battery saving APP in my tablet that was automatically switching off SkySafari (or SkyPortal) after n minutes of inactivity.  Now I don't suffer from any disconnects. Even Celestron didn't know of this APP issue as these are not native to IOS or 'lollipop' operating systems and are typically installed within bundles dumped on you by UK telecoms providers. Celestron is in the process of updating guidance.

A switch to Access Point Mode is another solution for many typical Evolution WiFi issues. Using Raspberry Pi as a hotspot is another. So if your question about cabled solutions is provoked by WiFi issues,  let's see if we can assist.

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