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Walking on the Moon

Back for more!!!


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Hi everyone,

Davie from Sunny Glasgow here :D 

I used to frequent this forum a couple of years ago as more of a lurker & a very light contributor until i had to sell my telescope & some other hobby related items to help pay for some urgent

house repairs :( I kept my binos but kind of lost the bug a bit as i was so gutted about having to lose my scope.

Ive always been fascinated with looking up at the night sky so ive been saving pennies here & there which will hopefully accumulate up enough to buy the scope i always had my eye on

the "Meade LX200" although maybe things have changed a wee bit in the past couple of years & there may well be something else out there that catches my eye now :)

Anyway I'm happy to be back in the lounge and may well sink to the back of the room and become a lurker again lol

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13 hours ago, Davey-T said:

Welcome back Davie, I've got a 10" Meade LX200R but wouldn't recommend as an only scope unless you're a planetary specialist and they're getting a bit thin on the ground (planets not specialists :grin: )


Cheers Davey :) and thanks for the welcome everyone.

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