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Hi all, 

I'm having some real dramas with my G11 not playing ball.  It's Gemini 1, and currently the hand controller won't work (this was preceeded by the menu button stopping working a couple of months ago).  I've got around it by using C2C, but not the mount won't connect to the PC through the serial cable.  Meh.


Any ideas? Do you think it could need an EEPROM update? Or failing that, is there anyone in the UK who will service/tune it/repair it for me?


Pulling my head out, especially with all these clear skies atm...



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I doubt attempting an EEPROM update will resolve the problem, it sounds like a hardware issue to me. A friend had the same issue (RS232 connection failure) and he brought the handset and Gemini I controller round for me to look at. I tried everything I could think of to get it to connect to my own computer (which preivously I used to run my own G11 on). Nothing. It seemed totally dead to me. So he took it home and the damn thing connected to his PC! Sometimes there is just no rhyme nor reason to why these electronic gizmos behave the way they do. There was something wierd about the order in which his components needed to be powered up so I'll ask him.


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Hi Jim, have all the buttons stopped working suddenly or over time, have you had to keep pressing them several times to make them work befor this ?

Only ask because my Meade controller buttons gradually stopped working and had to be pressed hard and wiggled to get them to work and it turned out they had just got gunged up from years of use.

Simply a matter of taking it apart and cleaning all the rubbery contacts with wet then dry camera sensor cleaning sticks after that it is like new, just a touch of the buttons to work.


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I have had connection issues also.

 Plug in the cable, BEFORE, you switch on your Gemini and also your Computer. Then switch on the computer, let it finish booting up. Then turn on Gemini.

Press the handset to select your start up mode. Then, using the ASCOM- Gemini Telescope- app on your computer. Try and connect.

You could also look in Device manager to see which port is in use with the R232. And make sure you have the same port set in the Gemini App. 

You could also use wire wool. And carefully clean the R232 socket. I also did that.

You might want to replace your CR2032 battery too.

If you still have issues. Go to.


That's good advice from Dave


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Hi Jim,

Having a different serial baud rate on the PC & Gemini can cause issues, after a reset the Gemini would be 9600.


If you want to send me the hand pad I could check to see if it works with my Gemini 1...


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thanks guys - i've been away for a fortnight - will have a go at all these tips tonight...  I've also re-made my serial cable so will give it a go!


thanks for the offer whipdry - i may well take you up on that, nice to know if the unit has packed up, rather than just the handset.



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