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Finally got first light with my SW130PDS

Not the greatest result as I live in the suburbs of London and I had problems with guiding over 500secs.  It wasn't until after I packed up I realised that Dec was not properly balanced, so wasted a lot of time trying to find out why it was trailing and trying out shorter subs.

Since I wanted a result to see how the SW130PDS performed and we get so few clear nights I decided to cheat a little and made up two Ha images one with 15min subs with trailing and 1 with 500sec subs without trailing.  Erased the stars on the 15 minute image using Straton and overlaid the 500sec image over the top to replace the stars.  As a consequence of all the messing around trying to find out why I was trailing and trying different lengths I did not get as much data as I would have liked.  I think I really need a dark location for the Oiii, and Sii. 

Anyway - enough rabbit - taken on 5/11/2016 - yes bonfire night -  I hoped that narrowband would be OK with fireworks.

First light for my SW130PDS, Atik460EX, NEQ6, PZT
Ha 5 x 15mins + 2 x 500secs
Oiii 3 x 150secs binned
Sii 4 x 150secs binned

Looks better if you don't zoom in (ha ha) but just glad to get a first light with this new scope.


N.B. also posted in the 130PDS thread.



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Same here. Today was a sunny day, and I hauled my gear out for first light of my guiding scope/camera. No such luck, after setting up and having dinner, clouds moved in again. Now it's as solid gray as can be. First light will have to wait.


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