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M42 First try with SW ED80 & Nikon D7200


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This is the result of a stack of images of the core of M42 that I took in February. I'm a new to DSO AP and not experienced at all! I have tried to do all sorts of things with the resulting tiff file from DSS (10 x 30 sec lights + 10 x 30 sec Darks + 5 Bias frames using an unmodified Nikon D7200 at ISO 800 on a Starwave ED80). I'm now being patient and slow and followed a PI workflow and I did a little PS to further reduce noise.


Thought I'd risk showing it and hope someone can comment on how to improve my new technique in the future.

Thanks for looking,



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Hi rodrigol,

Did you crop the image to this small FOV ? A D7200 on a Starwave ed80 should cover a much wider field I think. Anyway - did you use autoguiding ? If so, try to do longer exposure subs and lower the iso to 400. Also, a modded camera will make a huge impact on nebula colors.


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Hi Ragnar, This is indeed a crop and not a very good one! I did not use autoguiding and have to try that yet with my mount (CGEM-DX). I was interested in seeing how much detail I could get out of the images and surprised myself(!), although I know that much better can be achieved. Thanks you very much for your suggestion to lower ISO and increase exposure subs. I got quite exited about the image and as soon as the weather improves I'm getting out there to capture more! 


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