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Here a cloud,there a cloud,everywhere a cloud cloud.


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In Sept during my month long incarceration stay in hospital, i spent many an hour, both day and night gazing out the windows which were right beside my cell bed. Over the period of about 48hrs i had the great fortune to see some amazing cloud formations,effects.

For the 1st time eve, i saw noctilucent clouds. I also saw some  iridesent clouds (not as good as the 1st time i saw them back in Mar/Apr). I also saw some bona-fida properly formed Lenticular clouds, full solar halo,sun dogs, a couple of Super cells developing, and the icing on the cake was a great display of Mammatus clouds.

Quite a few nights when i left the blinds open just gazing out at the moon and fell asleep bathed in its soft light.

Really enjoyed these casual observations I struck up good friendships with 2 or 3 of the nurses and keep in touch. 




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