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Walking on the Moon

Wizard / Flying Horse Nebula DSLR


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Here is an evolution of my Wizard Nebula collaboration with Ole Alexander Ødegård (aka Xplode). It contains his Ha and OIII data (12" TS Imaging Newtonean and a mono modded Canon 6D) and a bit of RGB data (from my ES 5" apo refractor and a Canon 60Da). I think its is totally about 7 hours of data. I love this object as there is so many things I can imagine to see in it. I have marked two here.

Any comments and suggestions are very welcome

WizardOIII+Ha OA+IMG1921-43CropSign.jpg

WizardOIII+Ha OA+IMG1921-43CropSignFaces.jpg

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Still cloudy skies over here so I entertained myself with the Ha and OIII data from Ole Alexander and made a kind of Hubble version of it (I made a suppressed light mix of them to use as artificial green channel - is that how it should be done?). So it is very much the same data (without the RGB) but with a very different final appearance. Instead of the bulky, maybe flying-horse-like appearance of the first version, I now see a glowing hollow. I think the first version is more true to what it would look like to our eyes, while the second one is maybe more striking.


WizardOIII+Ha+false green Hubble PS4sign.jpg

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PS. I should fix the gradient in the lower right - was not as apparent in Photoshop as here. Fixed it and edited the post now but it was very difficult to see in PS

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