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NGC7635 Trying to learn PI


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Heres an image of Bubble Nebula. Tried to get both the Bubble and M52 into the same shot which I should not have done. PI is still giving me a lot of trouble or should I say, I am giving PI a lot of trouble. Any suggestion are welcome.



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Nice image. I think having a cluster and a nebula in one image, is a difficult way to start learning processing, since they may need different treatments.

Concentrating on the bubble, I would suggest that you apply masked stretch with standard settings as the first stretching method. this process enhances faint nebulae and helps keeping stars under control. you can then apply histogram transformation and curves transformation to refine the stretch. to enhance faint detail, you can also use exponential transform after ordinary stretching. just experiment with these tools to get a feel for them.

Good luck

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