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Rubbish M33


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This is as far as I've got so far. 1 hour each Luminance, Red and Blue, 50 min Green (Two subs clouded out). 130 Photoline, Baader RGB and Astronomik CLS-CCD filters, Trius 694 DDM60 mount. Checked the focus this time, and refocused between filters.

Big problem with the Blue subs as I had the objective dewing up, and I'm not sure about the Green. Bit crude, I dropped the L data into each of the R,G, and B stacks, Gradient Removal, two stretches with curves, then put them together in AA5 before boosting the saturation.

RGB Plus L.png

Cropped round the edges to take out misalignment, I can see some big dust bunnies so I'll have to strip the camera down again. As they look to be in the same place on all subs they're either on the flattener or  camera. I should take some flats too, but don't have a flat-field light, another thing to buy. I'll try and get some T-shirt flats on Sat or Sun, as it's dark by the time I get home.

I *think* the Luminance and Red subs are OK but the Green and Blue are rubbish. There's a possible clear slot on Wed, so I may be able to get better data then.

Turning in now, will think on it tomorrow.

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Hi DaveS

Don't knock what you have, it's looking good and nice detail. M33 has been my nemisis, it needs a lot of data to bring out the detail.

I'm gathering HaRGB subs a total of 7.5 hrs so far. I've yet to check the data to see what I have.



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Thanks guys.

OK, WIP. Yes, the green has been a bit of a problem, as I found it very easy to go from magenta to green with just a touch of the adjustments. I'm not sure what to do if it clears tonight (And the forecast is getting worse). With the moon getting brighter and closer to M33 I may be limited to some Ha, which is what I don't really need ATM. I really need some good blue data but it will be badly affected by the moon.

Well, I've got a bit of time to think about it, and it may be moot anyway if the sky doesn't clear.

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I had another go with the data, trying to get the green under control. I'm not sure I've made much difference, but the range between too green and too magenta is about zero. 

RGB Plus L ver 2.png

I really need more data, but although it's clear out the humidity is sky high, and the patio is still damp from this morning's rain, and I just can't be bothered. Will try for some Ha tomorrow if I can set up early enough to make it worthwhile.

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