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First light aperture fever free !


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Another first light !
Back to a preloved 200p Skyliner. Previous life included fitting a low profile focuser , fully flocking the ota and keeping the mirror pristine. The evening showed the usual targets, with a stunning M37, Perseus and high Cassiopeia, but I was very keen for an early morning kick about. I've heard it said that all targets "look the same ". Loads of variety here !

Fitting a Telrad, Turtle waxing the base and slipping in plastic milk bottle circles to the alt , just super quick fixes.

Getting up at four and it's just grab and go. Nice fluffy cushion on an 18" bench and viola ! 

High M51 gave both cores, over to the glow of the "Owl" M97. From Chara, the bright glow of M94.
Then from Wasat a stunning "Eskimo" NGC 2392, showing a central star and a lovely blue halo at x216.

M44, the "Beehive" was just visible by eye, a right angle equal Triangle to Pollux showed the delightful open split of Tegmine ( Zeta Cancri).

Orion gave six stars in the Trapezium, just focus and some averted tries , they'll come out. Sigma Orionis gave the lovely curve of this bright triple, just below Alnitak.
Up to NGC 2169 and the inverted "37" cluster, a clean split to the brightest ( binary) star in the "3".

Monoceros and a few brighter stars by eye. From Gemini a leap to the "Christmas Tree" NGC 2264, look for the bright multi group of 15 Monocerotis, brightest star there. Down to the open cluster NGC 2244.
Then from Procyon to NGC 2264 to find NGC 2301 and the staggeringly beautiful "Hagrid's Dragon". Wings spread out below a fine curved head. 

From 6, Jupiter was in open sky above the houses and conifers. Although bubbly from heat , it was east to pick out the dark belts, polar zones and the fine belts above the main ones. I got up to x216, just focus and let the seeing bring out the detail.

To sum up, remarkable scope giving views equivalent to a 10" Dob and a 150 mm frac from the edge of town. In addition, the whole scope can be picked up and moved around without fuss. It's a great to return to just the PSA , 24mm and 5.5mm ep and hop around 
Clear skies !

sub £200 will get you a scope without need for a wheelbarrow or hernia and provide simple delights with a big of patience, hurrah ?!
Old Nick.

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