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Walking on the Moon

Barnards Loop...first attempt

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I learnt a lot about how not to image this last night, but it still makes an impressive skyscape!

18 X 5 min, iso 1600, F 2.8 (5.6 next time!), 50mm lens, 1200D, DSS, PS, DBE.

I had to crop off loads because of coma, but look forward to another go at this soon.



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I've made the same mistake of being too greedy with the aperture before. However, I don't think there is any need to go all the way to f5.6 on a 50mm lens, f4.5 should be fine and f4 may be OK. As moise212 says, you're getting much less data at f5.6.

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Great image. I agree, f/4 should be enough to get the stars under control. But also consider increasing the number of subs. The less noise, the easier it will be to bring out the weak nebluae. And since you seem to be using PI (for DBE at least), consider starting with a masked stretch and a HDRMultiscaleTransform, to get at both the weak and strong nebulae.

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