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For Sale: Celestron CPC 800 GPS (XLT) Telescope


Comes complete with all original Celestron accessories which includes:

·         Heavy duty tripod

·         Nexstar+ hand control

·         9x50 finder scope

·         Visual back

·         1.25 inch diagonal

·         40mm eyepiece

·         Power cable

·         RS-232 cable (for handset)

·         Manuals


In addition, the sale includes:

·         Bobs Knobs collimation knobs (already fitted)

·         Astrozap Flexible Dew Shield

·         Celestron power tank


The scope is three years old and I am the original owner.

I do not have the boxes so collection preferred. I am happy to deliver up to 100 miles range or can meet up on the M6 somewhere.








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price reduced to £900
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    • By Cosmic Geoff
      Another Mars image ... in this one I have managed to record Olympus Mons which did not show in earlier images I made of the same longitude.  The seeing seemed good, but the sky was hazy and cloud-free as I set up. By the time I was ready to image, some cloud had come over, and instead of clearing it developed into 100% cover and an unexpected heavy shower.  As I was dismantling the now very wet telescope the sky cleared again offering a tempting view of Mars so I put all the bits back, aligned on Mars and took a series of videos.
      Kit: CPC800, ASI224MC, ADC.   20% of 5000 fromes, processed in Registax6.  I also tried a x2 Barlow but those images did not turn out well - looked out of focus.

    • By Cosmic Geoff
      I set up my CPC800, with ASI224MC camera in the early hours to get some Mars images. There was cloud about but mostly Mars was in the clear.  I did not use an ADC as Mars was at an altitude of 44 degrees, but the barlowed colour images stil needed a tweak of colour alignment in processing.
      Larger images are with x2 Omni barlow lens. Monochrome image taken with infrared pass filter. 5000 frame videos, best 20% processed in Registax6, and Photoshop Elements.  Mars now has an apparent diameter of 19", getting closer to its opposition size.  The South Polar Cap seems to be getting smaller.
      The surface features at 0430 AM BST match well with the Mars Mapper.

    • By Cosmic Geoff
      Some quick results on Mars from the morning of 20 July. The seeing was good and Mars at a good altitude.  Equipment: CPC800, ASI224MC with IR-cut and IR-pass filters, ADC.
      The surface features show more clearly in infrared.  I forgot to try a Barlow lens on this small target, but have not had any good results with the cheap Skywatcher x2 Barlow in the past.  So these images are kinda small; I was going to x2 them in Photoshop but am having a problem with my network just now.  
      The surface detail checks out as Syrtis Major and Hellas with the southern icecap.

    • By Cosmic Geoff
      An image of Jupiter with a transit of Io, showing the moon and its shadow, plus another moon (Callisto).  This was the best of a number of images.  I used shorter runs of 3000 images while contending with thin moving cloud, then 5000 when the cloud moved away. But the seeing seemed to deteriorate, so this is the best image.  I left the gear out in hopes of imaging Mars later but by 3am on the 18th, the sky had totally clouded over.
      Equipment: CPC800, ASI224MC, ADC, processed in Registax6. Best 20% of 3000 frames.
      The "Wavelet" section of Registax has six sliders. I have been in the habit of using just the top one, but adding some action with the second one definitely improved last night's set of images.

    • By Cosmic Geoff
      Here are images of Jupiter and Saturn taken around 00.30hrs BST on 11 Jul 2020.  They turned out relatively well, unlike a set I took a few days ago. I suspect 'seeing' is a major factor.
      Kit: CPC800, ASI224MC, ADC, captured with Sharpcap, processed in Registax6, best 20% of 5000 frames.  The monochrome Saturn image was taken in infrared.
      I did not have a sightline for Mars, or for Comet Neowise.😦

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