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I'm looking at having a test session on M76 tonight, and whilst testing bits, I do hope to get some useable data.

What would be your recommendations for filters?  I have an Atik 460EX (mono) camera, with EFW2 loaded with LRGB and NB filters, so can shoot any, but wasn't sure if I needed Lum exposures on such a small target, or even if I should just be shooting in NB only?

Any advice much appreciated.

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Hi Ray, I've been working on it on and off using 10"SCT as it's a tiny little devil, only used HA, O111 and S11 so far.

Presumably you'll be using the C8 ?


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Hi Dave that's great thanks.  Yes using the C8 but wasn't sure whether it would need RGB, or whether NB is all that's needed.

Thanks Freddie that's useful.  

Looks like it's going to be hard to get and tiny even in the C8.  Here goes, fingers crossed.

Thanks guys.

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Good luck!  I hope to do some imaging myself tonight and telescope is set up ready, but as it's Nov 5th, it's like the battle of the Somme out there at the moment! :hmh:

I'll have to try later, when they hopefully run out of ammo.


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