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Anyone know who made this?

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Looks like mahogany/ebony inlay too me and appears to be real wood, the telescope itself looks like a reproduction as it's in too good of shape to be a real vintage example of it's design. More than likely a repro from India or China. Should have an etching or plate if manufactured by a known maker. Certainly a nice looking scope whatever it's origin...

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Is there anything written on the eyepiece - a manufacturer, a model number maybe?  

I wonder whether it's someone's home build project.  A very skilled someone by the look of it. I agree it does have a rather oriental look about it. . 

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I also agree the wood has a very Indian look to it.

It looks like what is sometimes known as a "Counting House Telescope" - these were apparently used by trading companies based in ports who would communicate with cargo ships entering port via signal flags to bid on the incoming cargo.

Closest I can find is this replica, but it's pretty plain compared to yours! https://brasstelescopes.com/designer-series/

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It looks to me like an Indian-made reproduction telescope, made to vaguely resemble the classic harbour master's telescope. Similar ones often appear on ebay, but without the fancy decoration which I suspect is an owner's customisation. Sometimes they are sold as 'Ross London', a blatant fib as they look nothing like a genuine Ross.  The helical focusing sleeve near the eyepiece is a common feature of these repros.

Have you tested the telescope? Is it any good other than as an ornament?

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