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Career in Space (Canada)


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I am currently in my 1st year of university as a mature student (after a career change), studying the basics sciences and the maths (Chemistry, Biology, Calculus, Physics, English, Animal Health).
The program I'm taking focuses on the study of animals, in preparation for veterinary school.


Everyone who knows me, knows my big obsession with space and astronomy.
I'm also interested in biology, and would like to somehow tie my interests with space in my career.


I chose a career with animals (possibly to be a wildlife vet) as I find it too difficult to work in the space industry being from Canada.

So, this is my backup choice.


I'm wondering if there would be a way to get involved with space and manage to get a career in that field within Canada.

I AM going to be applying as an astronaut as well! But I know the chances of that happening are even more slim. (Especially without military experience.)

But, would there be anything space related I can do? Perhaps with biology or animal studies? That wont be extremely difficult to find?


I'm not a big fan of the maths and the physics. And I don't want to be doing engineering either.

So, im not sure...

I thought of Astrobiology, but even with that, I dont know how to get involved or get a job.

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I would suspect that the options would be to workwithin a university as a lecturer or research into the field of astro-biology. Equally not sure what that involves as it is not going to be a case of scoop up a few bacteria from Mars or Titan and determine their genetic makeup.

To an extent just about anything "astro" related will include maths, physics or engineering. You are likely to find that biology has a fair bit of those 3 in it anyway. Astro-biology could include areas like planetary atmospheres, to even think of determining those you need a big scope - think the new large scopes presently being built, then the use of spectroscophy to analyse the atmospheres.. A lot easier to determine planetary and satellite atmospheres withing the solar system but that has already been done.

Canada must produce satellites, countries that do tend to keep a fair bit of the work in-house in terms of country of production. Where and what openings or possibilities are there in that section.

One sort of terrible aspect of astronomy is that few astronomers work in it. You could have a better chance of working at a scope or observatory if you were a systems administrator, network engineer even mechanical engineer - those big structures need maintaining mechanically as well as the computer systems and the networks. What is not required at an observatory these days is an astronomer.

Have you looked into these: http://www.asc-csa.gc.ca


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It is all really dependant on just how involved you want to be. I mean you could take a job at a small aerospace firm that might just make one component of a satellite for example but at least you are in the industry in one way or another. And if you look at it that way then it's not all just engineering and science jobs. Every company needs and administration, IT, sales etc...

Now I know that these sites are for the USA and EU mainly and it is often restricted to their citizens but maybe by going over the listings you can find something that does interest you and then choose to follow it through and apply it in Canada.
That said the ESA is open to applicants from Canada as are some smaller companies.



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