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Hi from Nottigham


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Just joined this site and thought I'd introduce myself.

I've been interested in astronomy since I was a kid thanks mainly to watching Patrick Moore on The Sky At Night. In January 2014 I finally had the means to buy a telescope and after much deliberation bought a Skywatcher Explorer 200p and an EQ5 mount. Since then I have added several eyepieces, filters and recently upgraded the mount with a Synscan Go To kit which I'm still learning how to use due to the lack of clear nights when I'm able to get out because I work shifts. There always seems to be more gear I need to get so hopefully I will get some good ideas from you guys here.

Cheers Davehawkins

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Hi Dave,

Welcome to SGL (and to the 200P owners' club!) - you've made a great choice of 'scope and I'm sure that like me, you'll find yourself upgrading all manner of bits'n'pieces but that tube will remain a constant source of pleasure - when the sky co-operatres that is!

Plenty of help and advice around on here and no doubt you've also found your local astro group or society in Nottingham.  Have fun and enjoy the hobby but as others have mentioned, your wallet will be permanently empty from here on in ..



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