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Quick(er) and dirty(er) Orion

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Seeing as how Dave in Vermont asked for more. Here's Orion in all her beauty just now, even quicker than M45, but this time shot with the nifty fifty Nikon 1.8 which is sharp as a tac on daytime targets and has performed well on the odd wide field astro shot I've used it for.

40 x 4s @ F2.2 ISO 800

40 darks

40 bias

registered and stacked in DSS, nasty tree and aerial cropped out in PS and some stretching. 

I killed as much of the gradient as I could with a blurred subtracted layer and also did a slight saturation enhancement (although the LP and short subs kills the colour so I didn't overdo it as it would have blown), also a gentle unsharp mask too.

The main individual stars stand out ok, better shape than the M45 shot earlier too. Orion Nebula is there and so is the flame if you view full size (just) But the LP here is really quite nasty it has to be said.

M42 30-10.png

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