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NGC 7822 from last night ... or not...as the case may be...

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My second top tip picked up from last night... Don't do star alignment by moving the camera. I went to Capella, then moved the camera on the ball joint to centre it rather than move the mount. The targets I aimed at nearby were all dead centre when I did a flip to go to NGC 7822, It missed completely. Its obvious really, but not to me! Centre by moving the mount, not the camera :iamwithstupid:

So here is an image of a few stars and things! There is Gamma Cas and lots of other nice stars and patches. I think I may have just caught the edge of NGC 7822 at the bottom! Not a bad image anyway... and a good learning experience for me.

15 X 5min, 70mm (70-200mm zoom), iso 1600, 1200D, F5.6, DSS and photoshop and good old DBE (Pixinsight LE) to get rid of the gradient.

7822 post dbe.png


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