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Hi all,

I wanted to buy my first narrowband filter. I decided on a 7nm Ha filter. Among the options, there were the Baader 7nm and the Optolong 7nm. I chose the Optolong even though I heard that the colour ones are Astronomik copies. However, I searched some comparisons between the Baader and the Optolong and the Baader seemed to have some halos. I decided on the Optolong. However, I don't have a proper imaging camera and for a while I'll be testing it with the ASI120MM I have. Plans for a larger sensor camera.

Yesterday I received the filter and had some tries on M42. My balcony window opens to NEE so M42 is a tough target. I can only point the scope to it on EQ mode only before it reaches 15deg. So I had to switch to AZ mode where a scope can reach almost out of the balcony with the counterweight bar extended. Very good AP setup.

Anyway, I attached the ASI120MM to a Tair3s lens, wide open this time at F/4.5 and put them on the AZ-EQ5 in AZ mode.

~40x10s + 70x2s. Gain 70/100. With calibration files.

I don't know what to try this evening if it's clear. What do you think about putting the camera on a 135 F/2.8 lens and drizzling 2x? Did anyone of you try drizzling and had a successful result?

Clear skies,




Edit: I don't know what I've done to have the white frame, I didn't notice it until now. It was probably after combining the 10s image with the 2s one.

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This has made me want to consider an experiment. 


I have the asi224mc. Even tho I have a ridiculously long f10 sct,,,i bet I can 10 a 2 second subs without guiding. 


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Clear this night until an hour ago, then some clouds rolled in for a while, but tomorrow morning back to work so I should go to bed.

M42: ~100x20s + ~50x5s + 100x2s + the one above slightly blended for the core
IC434: ~100x20s
NGC2244: ~45x20s

All at 70/100 gain.

Definitely better than I expected, but maybe next time I'll think at framing too.

Clear skies,





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Reprocessed the Orion and the Horsehead. Added then the Ha layers as luminance on some colour images and also the Ha to the red channel:

Edit: colour images detail:

M42: (~50x30s@ISO1600 + ~10x6s@ISO1600)x2 - Dual setup with Canon 550D and 450D both on Tair 3s F/5.6
IC434: (45-50x30s@ISO1600)x2 - same setup as above





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Some more data taken with the Pentacon 200 F/4 and the Tair 3s 300 F/4.5. All data combined so some areas are less noisy, on the outside usually they're more. I could crop, but I'll let you see the differences.



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