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Hi all,

I wanted to buy my first narrowband filter. I decided on a 7nm Ha filter. Among the options, there were the Baader 7nm and the Optolong 7nm. I chose the Optolong even though I heard that the colour ones are Astronomik copies. However, I searched some comparisons between the Baader and the Optolong and the Baader seemed to have some halos. I decided on the Optolong. However, I don't have a proper imaging camera and for a while I'll be testing it with the ASI120MM I have. Plans for a larger sensor camera.

Yesterday I received the filter and had some tries on M42. My balcony window opens to NEE so M42 is a tough target. I can only point the scope to it on EQ mode only before it reaches 15deg. So I had to switch to AZ mode where a scope can reach almost out of the balcony with the counterweight bar extended. Very good AP setup.

Anyway, I attached the ASI120MM to a Tair3s lens, wide open this time at F/4.5 and put them on the AZ-EQ5 in AZ mode.

~40x10s + 70x2s. Gain 70/100. With calibration files.

I don't know what to try this evening if it's clear. What do you think about putting the camera on a 135 F/2.8 lens and drizzling 2x? Did anyone of you try drizzling and had a successful result?

Clear skies,




Edit: I don't know what I've done to have the white frame, I didn't notice it until now. It was probably after combining the 10s image with the 2s one.

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This has made me want to consider an experiment. 


I have the asi224mc. Even tho I have a ridiculously long f10 sct,,,i bet I can 10 a 2 second subs without guiding. 


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Clear this night until an hour ago, then some clouds rolled in for a while, but tomorrow morning back to work so I should go to bed.

M42: ~100x20s + ~50x5s + 100x2s + the one above slightly blended for the core
IC434: ~100x20s
NGC2244: ~45x20s

All at 70/100 gain.

Definitely better than I expected, but maybe next time I'll think at framing too.

Clear skies,





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Reprocessed the Orion and the Horsehead. Added then the Ha layers as luminance on some colour images and also the Ha to the red channel:

Edit: colour images detail:

M42: (~50x30s@ISO1600 + ~10x6s@ISO1600)x2 - Dual setup with Canon 550D and 450D both on Tair 3s F/5.6
IC434: (45-50x30s@ISO1600)x2 - same setup as above





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Some more data taken with the Pentacon 200 F/4 and the Tair 3s 300 F/4.5. All data combined so some areas are less noisy, on the outside usually they're more. I could crop, but I'll let you see the differences.



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      Selling the Astronomik 12nm clip in Ha filter for 120€. Bought it for 270 usd including vat, customs and shipping so it's a really good price.

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      A few months back, i bought my first mono camera, an Atik 383l+ from Martin @Xsubmariner off here. I hadn't had a chance to give it a whirl until last night. 
      I thought about getting the 80ED out, but i've been wanting to do some widefield stuff for a while, so i attached an old Tamron 135mm F2.8 vintage M42 lens i picked up last year for next to nothing. The lens needs to be stopped down to F5.6 (perhaps less, i haven't tested though) to produce acceptable stars in broadband, but i was hoping it could be used more wide open for Narrowband. I used step-down rings screwed on to the end of the lens hood to bring the aperture down to 37mm, which is about F3.65 (i did briefly try it wide open in Ha, and it wasn't that bad tbh, but i could still make out some comet-shaped stars in a few places so i opted to stop it down a bit to play it safe). I have a TS Optics filter drawer in the optical train, so i can still swap out filters without too much fuss. I still have about 3-4mm of extra backfocus space to spare, but i can already find focus as it is, so i'm not sure if it's that important that i haven't fully used it all up.
      Focusing was tough. I was focusing using a Bahtinov mask on Deneb, and i had to use 10s subs (subframes) at 2x2 bin to get bright enough spikes for Bahtinov Grabber to pick up to the spikes ok. Even then, it was showing the focus error moving about quite a bit, even without me touching the focus ring. In the end i just got it as close as i could and went with it.
      Conditions were not great. Some clear spells, but there was a lot of cloud passing through. I figures it would be good enough for a test session. The Phd guide graph looked horrific, and was somewhere in the 1-2" range (image scale is 8.4" so not a big deal hopefully). I bodged together a couple of old dovetails to add enough weight to counter-balance the 5Kg counterweight. It just about does. It's not perfect by any means, but hopefully sufficient for this purpose. 
      I would ideally like to shoot 1200s subs, but couldn't last night due to the constant clouds (Phd lost the guide star countless times). I was about to give up, but persisted and aimed for 600s subs. Glad i did, as i ended up with 6 useable subs, even if a couple were affected by some thin cloud. 
      Did a quick stack in APP and a 10 min process in PS, just to get a rough idea of what i can expect from this. I used Flats and a couple of Darks just to do a rough calibration. Didn't do any gradient reduction, was in too much of a hurry after packing up last night. Overall i'm fairly pleased with how it performed. I'm obviously not aiming for Samyang 135mm F2 levels of performance here, but for purely NB bi-colour mosaics i think it can do a job. 
      I've included a picture of the rig below as well, in case anyone's interested.
      6 x 600s (1 Hr)
      Atik 383l+  2" Baader Ha 7nm
      Tamron Adaptall2 135mm F2.8 (@F3.65)

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      So...a question...let's say you want to shoot in a slightly light polluted area...but you also want to use the IR/UV cut filter...how can you use both then? You can only apply one filter at a time...so are is this a sort of 'pick your poison'? So you can't have IR/UV filtered along with Light pollution as well?
      For example here:
      There's a ton of great filters...but how is it possible if you need a light pollution filter because of the area you're in..but you also want to cut IR/UV ? It seems like you can only do one at a time.
      Thanks all..
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