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Sh2-132 in HST palette


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I have been wanting to capture this target for some time as I have been fascinated by the strong 'serach light-like beam' of OIII streaming from the heart of the nebula and have been pleased to have been rewarded with some clear skies in the last few nights.

The image comprises 16 x 1200s of Ha and 9 x 1200s each of SII and OIII, giving a little over 11hrs total integration.  A friend helped tweak my reducer last weekend - thanks Mohamed - and provided some much needed encouragement as I have been down in the dumps having fractured my wrist 10 days ago (ouch & argh :hmh:).  Processing using my left hand on the mouse gave me some frustrating challenges, but the brain is an amazing instrument and my control is improving.

This image is dedicated to my ever-so patient family (especially my wife) helping me out with all the basics as I recuperate.


  • WO 132FLT at F5.6
  • 10 Micron GM1000HPS (unguided)
  • QSI683, Astrodon 5nm NB filters

Thanks for looking.


Sh2-132 HaSHO_FinalBlend.jpg

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That looks beautiful Barry. You have a wonderful shade of blue for the OIII, great colour. The searchlight is very strong. What causes that effect I wonder? Is it similar to sunbeams through the clouds?

I'm very sorry to hear that you've broken your wrist. I wish you a very swift recovery.

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Thank you everyone, all feedback helps lift one's mojo!

I deliberately placed the 'serach light' feature central in the composition however I think it has given the overall frame a slightly off-balance feel and the scale is insufficient to capture all of the extended nebula but also not so fine to focus on the central feature!  A conundrum, LOL!

I need one of those lovely OO ODK's or a QSI690 or 6120 - anybody willing to make a donation, :icon_biggrin: ?

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I didn't notice about your fracture, commiserations.  

I broke my right shoulder a few years ago and remember how awkward it was to type with only the left hand so you're doing well.  Presume your kit is permanently mounted, I wasn't able to image during that time as I couldn't set up as it was before I had an observatory. 

Hope you get better soon.



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