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Spectrum Lab - Audio Recording

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I am trying to record the audio in spectrum lab, before I add a trigger I am manually starting the recording
When I click start a wav file is created and then the recording stops, a wav file is created but is zero bytes in size.
The logging shows the following

09:45:45 prepare WaveFile output : ConvMode=real in, real out, 1 comps/sample, source=L5, 12000 S/s
09:45:46 Low space in wave/stream output buffer (480 samples)

Im assuming this is a configuration issue so any pointers appreciated.

John Berman

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Hi John,

Sorry to see you have had no replies to your enquiry since Tuesday. While I can't help you directly (I use SL but don't record audio) I know a few people who have been on the forum have tussled with the audio settings in SL and got success. From memory Al Grant had issues a couple of years ago and it will be documented on the 'New to Meteor Detecting' thread (quite a long thread though). I'm sure he wouldn't mind you contacting him to assist where he can.

I hope you find help.

Best regards,

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