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Tiny part of the Soul


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I'm beginning to think i should have got a camera with a bigger chip.....Anyway, thought I'd see what i could get on the Soul Nebula. Not much was the answer but I still think this small part looks nice and the guiding seemed better for 20min subs which was great. So this is 12 @ 1200s with Bias but no flats. Processed in PI with a few touches in PS but to be honest I haven't processed it much.

Just out of interest, what would be a good next size in CCD with regards to chips?



Soul HA.jpg

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This is the middle of the Heart nebula - The cluster is called Melotte 15 - You've captured it nicely :)

The next chip size up would be something like that in the Atik 460 or 490 (If you want to stick with the smaller Sony chips) or the 383 if you want a bigger chip still.

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