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17 minutes ago, tyranniux said:

this is exactly what I was hoping for with the SA. mine gets delivered on Monday. :-) how long and how many subs? 

This was 10 x 3 minute subs at 800. The 50mm f1.8 is stopped down to f4 to control star shapes. Polar alignment was not the best, I just put Polaris in the centre of the polar scope and that was fine for 3 minutes with the 50mm

3 minutes ago, Knight of Clear Skies said:

Well done. The bright star between the two galaxies is the red giant Mirach, and I think the star cluster at the bottom is NGC 752.

Yep, right on all points.

This combo gives a nice fov and I love just seeing whats in there.


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You may also have Arp 331 in this image, a chain of galaxies about 200 million light years away. I can just make them out on my 50mm image of the same region. Here's a link to them on Google Sky if you want to have a go at matching them up, goodness knows how many galaxies are hiding in the background.

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