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Walking on the Moon

Along the Terminator

Astro Imp

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Managed to have a satisfactory session following what seems like incessant cloud cover, we seem to have the worst of it the last couple/three weeks.

Started with the magnificent crater Petavius, this really is a joy to explore when near the terminator although the seeing wasn't great as I was viewing low over my neighbours roof.  Petavius was only separated from the shadowed edge by Vallis Palitzsch so there was plenty to observe. The Rima Petavius and the central mountain was very obvious. On the south rim east of Petavius C there appeared to be a series of unnamed craters but I couldn't be sure what I was seeing as they were right on the edge of visibility, the wobbly seeing probably wasn't doing me any favours. While in the area I identified several other features including Wrottesley to the west and Hase to the south with the prominent Hase A.

I made my way south along the terminator taking in Vendelinus and Lame on the way to Langrenus another fine formation well lit to show at its best. To the south west are the trio Bilharz, Atwood and Naonobu which according to Virtual Moon Atlas have pretty high walls but under the lighting tonight looked quite shallow to me.

On the way to Mare Crisium I had a quick look at Messier and Messier A, the rays from the latter were quite hard to see.

The eastern edge of Mare Crisium was right on the terminator so the detail showing on this sea was superb, there was a very distinct ridge running parallel with the eastern edge starting at crater Eimmart C. Yerkes was very evident with its flooded floor and ridge joining it to Yerkes E.

There was so much to see and enjoy that I finished my observations here without taking in the rest of the sites. I find the more I observe the moon the longer I linger over individual features trying to see as much as possible.


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A lovely summation of your lunar 'excursion' along the terminator, thanks! I really must get my, er, LEM out while the Moon is in the early stages of waning - I seem always to catch up with the views when it's moved further on (as it were).

I do so agree with your last paragraph - the Moon has so many rewards that present themselves with each creep of the terminator that I could get spellbound.

Even opening the Cambridge  Photographic Atlas has the same effect, lol...I get lost in there :)

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Yes, it was a good night last night.  Before starting my session at 10(ish), I left my newt outside under a waterproof bike cover, starting cooling at 6.30pm.  So when I got out there it had been well and truly cooled off to equilibrium and I was rewarded with very sharp views.  I took in pretty much what you did (OP)  - a superb bit of lunar viewing!

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